A Workshop in preparation for Artschool

A workshop designed to prepare students at Clydesdale College for University culture at the Glasgow School of Art


Titled professing practice this projects objective was to communicate the value of design, on a personal level to several students at Clydesdale collage. The motivation behind such a collaboration was a Government initiative to dispel classist perceptions of higher education in the arts.

Within the brief we defined the context for our project including the key stakeholders and their expectations. For the workshop we articulated 4 key objectives gathered from insights through ethnographic research and sense making back in the studio.

Next we concepted several activities to address these objectives including a timed workshop adgender .


  • Support students in building awareness around the valuable knowledge they already have.
  • Develop students’ perception and understanding of the value of a Higher Arts education.
  • Help the students reframe and evaluate their own strengths to increase their confidence.
  • Encourage co-design methods.

Designing the workshop activities

The Workshop