.. A little bit about Rosie

Having studied design at degree and post graduate Level for over 6 years in 3 different European countries, I have come to agree with the theorist Kees Dorst, “in an increasingly interconnected world problems are equally as inter-connected.” As a result, critical and systemic thinking have come to underpin my understanding of design and the related disciplines of user experience, service, future forecasting, product, interface and brand design.

I spent the first half of my studies exploring ‘pure’ design. Building on this I successfully migrated onto the Masters course to explore the alternative culture of problem solving that utilise entrepreneurial practices at Aalto Arts and Startup Sauna, Finland. As a part of my personal career development I also worked with several start-up companies in London and Helsinki before returning to Glasgow to complete my final year of study.

As a result my design methodology adopts both the qualitative research & problem-framing of ‘design thinking’ with [the practice validation methods of ‘entrepreneurial practices.’


Practice Skills:

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Creating appropriate research tools & methods
  • Full Adobe Creative Suite
  • Creating Presentations
  • Wire framing
  • User interface design Markups
  • Prototyping
  • Sketching
  • Basic Analytics


Master of European Design [MEDes] Glasgow School of Art – 2016
Helsinki Startup Weekend Winner – 2016
EU ICT innovation Runner up – 2014
Ranked 11th in UK Under 20’s Heptathlon Team – 2008


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