In The Window: Social Platform

UX & IU design for the 'In The Window'; A social platform for creatives to share and curate stories of objects & spaces. Curation, windows overview, search, biography and mobile platform were just some of the features designed throughout my time working In The Window.


First Use

What is the Window?


So what is In The Window? How do users benefit from registering and spending their time In The Window? It was these questions we hoped to answer with a new Landing screen by communicating platforms key value propositions through an illustrated metaphor a shop/studio 'window.'

Just as one may go window shopping the user can browse along the high street. Upon entering a window the browsers may hear the stories behind a collection from the maker and designers themselves. Throughout the story of the collection readers have the opportunity to converse with the creators directly or curate and the work into their own collections.



Just as creatives very often curate samples onto mood boards this tool mimics the process digitally.These selections could be later viewed within 'My selections' found in the Global Navigation panel to the left.

We created a curation tool for professionals and consumers to create their own selections by clicking on the 'selection star' next to any content.  Just as creatives very often curate samples onto mood boards this tool mimics the process digitally


Image: Select content

Selection Tool

Upon selecting a particular piece of content the selections draw appears giving you the option annotate your selection with a 'label' (e.g a semantics, room type, project number etc.) Hence why we designed the selection draw to reference an interior/product designers 'samples draw' allowing users to easily save content under an existing label or create a new one (with the option to make it private). These selections can viewed in 'my selections' located on the global navigation panel. 

In order to create a passive link between curator and creator, the creators of the content the creators of any original content are also notified creating a natural link between them and their potential clients.


Image: My Selections

My Selections

By clicking on the star icon in the global navigation I am taken to my selections. Here I will find all my own curated content in the form of labels. Just as a designer would browse through curated samples, my selections is designed to look like a mood board. 

Other curations may be followed and the most popular labels will eventually trend creating a rich ecosystem of curated content for the creators, potential customers and professional curators alike. (1).gif

Overview & Immersive Exploration

Immersive storytelling is at the heart of the windows philosophy, however for some usecases such as the need to view older windows or products within a window we created an overview toggle.



bio and windows by.png

Amongst other biography editing features, we added the ability for window keepers to category their design discipline (e.g retailer) and product type to facilitate social interactions and cater for the wide range of creatives. We also included a visual link to the creators windows and stories.


The Window: Mobile 

mobile prezy.png